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Because of our love for storytelling, we take a different approach. While others may simply document your day, we focus on telling a story about who you are. Of course, your wedding is an important part of the film, but really, it's about the journey that brought two souls and their families together.

Love's every chapter.

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Why should I have a wedding film?

You've heard it before, "your wedding day will be a blur". When you hire Lemon Tree, you're not renting a camera crew - you're investing in memories. We capture the moments that truly matter with the subtle nuances you might've missed. Ten years from now, you'll wish you could hear the advice your grandma whispered in your ear or watch the tears in your dad's eyes seeing you for the first time.

if time travel existed, 93% of people chose to go back to their wedding day. now you can.

Hi there,

I'm Zach.

The guy behind the camera

I've always been one of those soft-hearted folks. I'm the kind of guy who sings along to love songs and geeks out to Netflix romcoms (I wear that badge with pride). Your wedding day is more than just a day. It's a chapter in your unique story. I'm crazy passionate about crafting wedding films that reflect your whole journey, not just clips of you walking down the aisle. For me, storytelling is about one thing - people. I love what I do and feel fortunate every day to live this dream.

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