Common Questions

Common Questions

Common Questions

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Your wedding film is a lot to think about, but we're here to help.


What is a short film?

We hired a photographer. Why should we hire a filmmaker too?

We love photos and want you to hire a photographer. Photos are often posed and planned moments in time, rather than something raw. Imagine this: instead of your memories gathering dust in a frame on the wall, they're unfolding in real-time. All the sounds, emotions, energy, and little details you might've missed, in a way that photos just can't. Ideally, you'd have the best of both worlds with a photographer and filmmaker. But if you have to choose, take a moment to think about how you want to relive your day.

Think back to your 16th birthday. You might not remember every hour of that day, but you can remember your favorite parts. The one's that made you smile, cry and laugh. That's what our short films are. It's your most special moments and emotions set to cinematic music. We try to weave in audio from your vows, toasts, and ceremony too.

Where are you based?

What is a social media teaser?

Lemon Tree is proudly based in the Foothills of North Carolina.

A social media teaser is a 15-30 second vertical video of moments from your wedding day. It's perfect for sharing with the people you love on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform.

What's a story session?

Do you travel?

To make something more than a wedding film, we do exactly that. It's a chance to capture more depth to your love story than just putting on a wedding dress. During a story session, we'll casually meet up before the big day to have a mini adventure. Whether it's a shared hobby of yours, revisiting the spot where you first met, or simply enjoying each other's company in a place that's meaningful to you both.

I LOVE to travel! We travel to *most* places in North Carolina without any additional fees. There's no limit to how far we'll travel! Simply let me know and we'll get the logistics figured out.

I'm having a nontraditional wedding. Is that okay?

Can you incorporate religious or cultural traditions in the video?

Absolutely! I genuinely believe the most beautiful weddings are the ones that are a true reflection of the couple's style and personality. This is YOUR love story. So, if you're ready to think outside the box, I'm here to capture every beautiful moment of it.

We celebrate all types of cultures and religions here. If that's an important part of who you are, not only can I incorporate it into the video, but I encourage it to be.


Do you require a deposit?

How far in advance should I book?

A $300 non-refundable retainer is needed to secure your date.

Busy season happens between May and October. I always recommend reaching out as soon as you're thinking about booking.

Can you accommodate smaller budgets?

What payment methods do you accept?

I love what I do because of couples like you - not the money. Weddings can be an expensive adventure! I get it. Let's talk more about your budget and I'll do my very best to help. We also offer payment plans as well.

All major credit/debit cards, cash, check, and direct bank transfer. If it spends, hey, we'll take it.

What happens if you get sick and can't make it?

Luckily, this has NEVER happened to me. I credit having ignored the 5-second rule as a child. In the rare event this does happen, rest easy knowing that you'd be contacted right away and I'll do everything I can to find a suitable replacement. You'd get a 100% refund and all the help I could provide to make sure your day goes smoothly.

Our Process

Will you be in the way?

How will you dress on the day of the wedding?

No way! I do my best to blend in on your wedding day. We use zoom lenses so we can stay as far away from you as possible (in a loving way). You'll notice me about as much as you'll notice a photographer.

My default is all black to help me stay discrete and unobtrusive. Like a wedding ninja. But I'm always flexible to match the style of your wedding.

How do you work alongside photographers?

Can you cover the rehearsal dinner too?

I get along with EVERYONE. I'm pretty dang likable. So, needless to say, photographers tend to love me. I always make sure to be respectful of their work and communicate every step of the way.

Of course. We offer the option to add on coverage for the rehearsal dinner. Simply let me know and we'll make it happen.

Are you insured?

Do you record audio for the ceremony and speeches?

Myself and my equipment come fully insured to help give you extra peace of mind.

Yeah! I record audio for every part of the day. We usually keep several backups too.


Can I make changes or revisions to the final video?

What's your turn around time?

Absolutely! I want to make sure you're thrilled with the final film and that it captures your love story perfectly. You're encouraged to provide feedback every step of the editing process.

I'm just as excited as you are to watch those beautiful memories. My typical turnaround time is 3-4 weeks, but can take up to 90 days during busy season. Of course, I understand that you're eager to share your favorite moments, so you'll receive video teasers within a few days of the wedding.

How will I receive the final video?

Can I pick the music?

Once your films are ready, we'll send you a private and secure link to both download and stream all your wedding films. It's like your own personal Netflix. This makes it easy to watch on your phone, laptop, and of course, your TV.

Before your big day, you'll receive a questionnaire that helps me understand your music tastes. You're asked about your favorite genres, artists, and most importantly, music you dislike. This way, we can create a soundtrack that's truly unique to you.

Are there any restrictions for sharing online?

Do you send the raw footage?

Nope. Share to your heart's content! We believe that your wedding day is a celebration meant to be shared. We just kindly ask that you tag or mention us when you do, so we can be part of the celebration and share in the excitement with you.

If that's your thing, we offer an add-on for the raw footage (but we're pretty sure you won't want it). Giving you the raw footage from your wedding is like a baker handing you the ingredients for an unbaked cake. We make sure to include all the best moments in the short film and everything in between in the additional edits.

Can I get physical copies of my wedding videos?

Will the film be publicly online?

You sure can! I offer several unique ways to keep a tangible copy of your wedding films. Head over to my 'Experience' page to check 'em out.

Your wedding day is a personal and intimate experience, and we want to honor that by providing you with the option to keep your film private. By default, we do not make your feature film publicly available online. It's completely up to you whether you'd like to share it publicly or keep it for your own personal enjoyment.

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